لیوان فلزی طرح سه بعدی اسکلتی دزدان دریایی


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فروش لیوان  فلزی طرح  سه بعدی اسکلتی دزدان دریایی

-Creepy skull and bones tankard features a menacing skull surrounded by tribal markings, along with small skulls and bones at the rim and base.
-Stacked vertebre backbone handle adds an extra touch of sick and twisted to this already fiendish piece.
-Great addition to your bar or man cave.
-Show up with this at the next neighborhood BBQ,Or at the office — Suggest to co-workers that you may not be as buttoned-up as you appear!
-Perfect for halloween.
-Can holds 12 ounces of hot or cold beverage and is made to keep it that way.
-Handsome and longwearing stainless steel vessel incased in 3D high-impact resin.
-Hefty mug with a really solid, well made feel and look.

Main material: Stainless steel + Resin
Color:As the picture show
Cup diameter:8.5cm
Cup height:11cm

Package includes:
۱Pc x Cap


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